Charlotte Dumas Limited Edition Print “Tom Tom”

サイズ:約 h28.5 x w40cm
エディション 45

-Price: ¥36,000 + tax
Size: approx. 28.5 x 40 cm
Edition: 45 ( Numbered and signed by the artist )
Technique : Lithograph on washi paper Hand-cut
Produced in Japan
*Framing and shipping cost are not included. For international shipment, the price differs depend on your location. Please ask.



This is a limited edition print of a new drawing by the leading Dutch artist Charlotte Dumas at the Japanese lithograph studio. This time, instead of digital printing, the artist made the drawing directly on an aluminium plate at the lithograph studio, which was then used as a plate for the print. The expression of the dog, born of intuitive, flowing brushstrokes, tells of a gentle perspective on life that is shared by Dumas's photographic work.


“Tom Tom was one of the stray dogs that I photographed often. Nobody knew how he got his name but everyone knew him as Tom Tom. He belonged to a pack hanging out around the cruise terminal in the harbour of Palermo.”

●Production Note


In the autumn of 2023, the artist Charlotte Dumas visited Tokyo. During her stay, she visited a lithography studio in Tokyo to create this limited edition lithograph prints. She directly applied the drawing to an aluminum plate which was then used as the printing plate for lithographs. Since the plate wears out with each printing and cannot be reused, this production was limited to a total of 45 prints. The work used traditional Japanese Washi paper which was made by skilled artisans in the Kanto region. Please enjoy the flowing brushwork of ink based on sumi (墨) and the warm expressions it conveys.

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