POLITICS OF LIVING / dot architects / TOTO Publishing

English Translation Supervision

大阪・北加賀屋を拠点に活動する建築家集団、ドットアーキテクツの初の作品集「POLITICS OF LIVING」。代表的な5つの事例を紹介しながら、その街の歴史、建物の背景へのリサーチから、そこに暮らす人々の関係、営みにも能動的に携わることで生み出す小さな自治空間の実践を紹介しています。SW_は本書の翻訳監修を担当しました。

POLITICS OF LIVING is the first collection of work by Dot Architects, an architects group based in Kitakagaya, Osaka. Introducing five representative examples, the exhibition presents small autonomous spaces (POLITICS OF LIVING) created through deep involvement and active engagement with the history of the area, the background of the building, and the relationships and activities of the people there. SW_ was the supervisor for English translation of this book.


Title: POLITICS OF LIVING / dot architects
Publisher: TOTO Publishing
Art direction: UMA / design farm
Translation Team: Tae Rang Kim, Joyce Lam, Sawako Fukai
Editor: MUESUM
Photographer: Yuma Harada
Client: TOTO Publishing